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The experts believe that this black magic is nothing but a bunch of energy. Which is sent from one place to another or is sent by another person to another person. This can be understood by Law of Conservation of Energy. According to which "energy may be transformed from one form to another, but it can not be created or destroyed" If asked in Hindi then energy can not be created nor can it be eliminated. Only its form can be changed in the other form. If there is positive use of energy, then there is also negative use. Atharva Veda of Sanatan Dharma is dedicated to the use of energies only for positive and negative things. You have to understand that energy is energy only, it is neither divine, nor satanic. You can make anything from it - god or devil It's like electricity, it's like electricity. Is electricity divisible or satanic, good or bad? When it illuminates your home, it is divine

Naw a days Kala Jadu tona and Vashikaran Problem Everywhere. Black magic is mainly known as kala jadu , kia karaya, tona totka and many more. Black magic has different name in different religion. From the ancient time it is in active and still use in many places at large scale. In village or town you can see someone doing black magic to protect or harm the other person. Many people called me for how to protect from black magic. Actually black magic is used in many places to harm the person. Black magic is done from any places. It is not necessary presence of that person there. So that’s why it is done from any places. The only requirement is photo, address, name, dob, place. Even from distant places black magic is done.

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Grih Problem Solution Specailist

Grih Problem Solution Specailist

Grih Problem Solution Specailist

According my Deepak je ( Baba ) they are research in grih kalesh using jadutona totke.It is said that Lakshmi does not reside in the house where there is trouble. Everyone has the desire for happiness and peace in their household life. The happiness of home and life leads to the path of progress in life. The person's life is filled with difficulties due to the conflict of strife in the family. Several types of remedies have been given in astrology to avoid or reduce the home's sufferings. We are further telling you some such solutions, which can make your life happier and happy.

In which direction you sleep by head and feet, it plays a very important role in home discord. To get rid of domestic violence, sleepless nights sleeping in the east and sleeping at night. This will give you relief from stress. By doing so, positive energy is communicated in the house. Remedies for peace in the home, home remedies, and easy solutions to liberation - Home affair is a big problem in itself. When there is an ideological difference between the two people in the family, the house dissolution starts. It is very important to take such a situation under control. No one wants a dispute between husband or wife or other members at home

Totke For Grih Kalesh

If there is conflict in the house, if there is difference of opinion among the members of the house, then take dough in the house only on Saturday or buy 100 grams of black gram as well as mix it with that flour, and stay away from the house.

In the place where Holi is being burnt, on the one night before burning Holi on the night of night, the mouth of the cow will be stuck with a cow's ghee, sesame oil, wheat and jowar and a copper money. When Holi burns in the night, then uproot it the next morning. Then all these things will be kept in a bundle and in the object which will be kept in it, it will continue to increase, even if you spend it, and your stores will be filled.

जिसको घर में कलह, क्लेश मिटाना हो, रोग या शारीरिक दुर्बलता मिटानी हो, वह नीचे की चौपाई की पुनरावृत्ति किया करे बुद्धिहीन तनु जानिके, सुमिरौं पवन – कुमार |
बल बुधि बिद्या देहु मोहिं, हरहु कलेस बिकार ||
घर के पूजा स्थान पर घी का पंचमुखी दीपक हर मंगलवार जलाएं। कपूर और गुगल की सुगंध प्रतिदिन घर में फैलाएं

If there are quarrels in the family during the day when the family members are in conflict, then the head of the family should keep a lot of water under their bed at night and after leaving the house on Sunday, after worshiping the house Namo Bhagwati Vasudev Namah: "Chanting the Mantra, offer the water to Peepal." this helps the family to get rid of misunderstanding and enables love and peace in family .

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